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Smashing Baseball Privacy Policy

Here is a summary of our privacy policy as applicable to our Smashing Baseball App:

  • Does not collect any personally identifiable information if you choose not to login with Facebook.
  • Does collect your name and your app specific Facebook user id, only if you login with Facebook. This information is solely used for supporting game features and customer support.
  • Does not use or collect your precise geographic location.
  • Does use Google Analytics to collect usage data for the sole purpose of helping us improve our app.
  • Does use Google Admob and Unity Ads to display video ads only if you choose to from within the app.
  • Does display Facebook Audience Network Ads in native non-intrusive placements. 
  • Does provide an option within the app to remove your profile permanently if you choose to do so.

Facebook Audience Network Terms of Service may be found here.

Facebook's Platform Policy may be found here.

Google AdmobTerms of Service may be found here.

Google Analytics Terms of Service may be found here.

Unity Ads Terms of Service may be found here.

Unity Privacy Policy may be found here.

Data Deletion Instructions

If you have used Facebook login, to remove your data, go to Settings, Reset Profile.

If you need more information, please contact us at: