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An educational and fun game for children

  • Introduce your child to the world of alphabets and numbers in a fun and enjoyable experience.
  • Animated letters going by the screen with voice-over emphasizing each letter.
  • Alphabet train song.
  • Words and associated visuals for each of the 26 alphabets.
  • 76 jigsaw puzzles.
  • Tracing for big and small letters and numbers. A fun way to quickly learn writing alphabets and numbers. With guided and free tracing mode. Also includes statistics for parents to see child's performance.
  • Customizable background, choose whichever your child likes.
  • Auto mode allows some of the lessons to keep running without requiring any interaction. This is useful for example, when running the app on T.V.
  • In-app purchase required to unlock some content. In-app purchase and all external links are protected by a parent gate.
  • All features, including locked content can be accessed free of charge by watching our sponsor videos. Video views are protected by parent gate. And all sponsor videos are children friendly.


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